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OPUS Clear Glaze Shine - 10L Bucket


Weight: 31.0000kg/item

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Fast drying, smooth, non powdery when dry.
Fire items once touch dry. Takes about 5 minutes to become touch dry.

Ref: CW320-10Bucket-Shine

Glaze best firing range 1020 to 1040 Degrees C.
Check recommended firing range for your bisque to ensure compatibility.
Approximately cone 06 to 05.
Best test is Bullers ring size 14 to 22 (old rings 3 to 7).
Soak for 45 minutes to 1 hour to achieve a very shiny finish.
Burns clear and smooth over black.

Bisque Direct bisque is best fried to 1020 - 1080 Degrees C. The higher the firing the stronger the items but the more off white they may become.

Dip quickly with a fast smooth action.
Shake a few times over the dipping bucket to remove excess glaze.
Hold till glaze stops moving then place on bench to dry.
Glaze has a relatively fast drying time - Dries in less than 5 minutes.
Items can be fired immediately after dipping.

Material Safety Data Sheet available on request. MSDS.

DO NOT ALLOW GLAZE TO FREEZE. This will kill off the preservative and allow bacteria in to feed on the binder - glaze will start to smell really bad. This is common to all dipping glazes.

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