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Viscosity Cup 44ml - Stainless Steel


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Stainless Steel Viscosity Cup to measure and check the thickness (viscosity) of your dipping glaze.

Stir dipping glaze well.
Hold the viscosity cup between two fingers over the dipping glaze allowing it to hang vertically.
Dip the cup beneath the glaze surface to fill the cup.
Lift the cup and start the timer.
Once a continuous stream of glaze stops, stop the timer.

Target reading is 21 seconds.

Shorter time means glaze is to thin. More binder required or too much water has been added. See Weight Test below.
Longer time glaze has evaporated and a small amount of water should be added.

Glaze Weight Test.
Take an accurate measuring cylinder and weigh the dipping glaze.
Target is 1380grams per litre (1000ml). You may use say a 1/2 litre (500ml) measuring cylinder for a reading of 690grams.
Recorded weight less than target - to much water has been added to your glaze. Try to remove water from the surface of the glaze after it has been sitting for a few days.
Recorded weight higher than target - water has evaporated add a 1/2 cup of water and re-check. Use filtered or distilled water.

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