Glazing and Firing

The firing temperature range is 998˚C to 1060˚C for our earthenware bisque items.

For ornamental items a minimum of 998˚C with a 30 minute soak is just adequate. We recommend firing to the tableware temperature for all items.

For tableware items to be used for eating 1030˚C to 1060˚C with a 50 minute soak is recommended. Improved craze and chip resistance. 

If firing under 1030˚C for tableware please we recommend the OPUS CW320 Glaze.

OPUS Clear Glaze Shine CW320 - Jerrycan now available for delivery by DPD courier. 

This is ideal if you only need to top up your glaze bucket but do not wish to order any other products.

Material Safety Data Sheet available on request. MSDS.

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