Welcome to Bisque Direct

Welcome to Bisque Direct

Quality bisque, colour and glaze

Great offers on delivery

Great offers on delivery

Discounts on orders above £400. Additional discounts over £800 (excl. VAT and Delivery)

OPUS underglaze colours

OPUS underglaze colours

A symphony of colour

Welcome to Bisque Direct

Bisque Direct are specialists in the wholesale distribution of ceramic bisque, glaze and colour supplies.

Established in 1994 and has since become one of the leading suppliers of ceramic bisque, colour and glaze to the Paint Your Own Ceramics industry. We believe in providing our customers the best value and quality materials at competitive prices so that your business can thrive...fast. We offer trade customers excellent discounts on purchases over £50. Check out our latest range of products here by visiting the menu above.

We run our own shop based studios and understand the pressures involved in maintaining a fun, creative and profitable business. Business owners please register for an account. Once your account is set up log in to see our amazing range of products we offer.

Wholesale ceramic bisque, colour and glaze supplies. Offering the best value and quality ceramic bisque in Europe. The new home for BisqueUK Limited.

We welcome:

      • Contemporary shop based ceramics studios. PYOP Shops.
      • Mobile studios.
      • Finished work producers.
      • Potters and Pottery Studios.
      • Schools and Colleges.
      • New business start-ups.

Opening Hours

Why not come and collect in person? We love meeting our customers. Sales office opening hours are:

      • Monday to Saturday - 9:00am - 5:30pm.
      • Sunday - Closed.

We occasionally work offsite, please ring ahead if you wish to visit.

Bisque Direct take pride in our products and love discussing business issues with our customers. Passing on any knowledge to assist in running your business is a fun part of our job.  If you have any questions or queries feel free to call on 00 44 (0)1256 477 144, or drop us an email at sales@bisquedirect.com and we will be happy to help. 

Businesses large and small are welcome to apply for a trade account. For retail customers feel free to contact your local Ceramics Cafe studio or other local paint your own ceramics studios for purchasing bisque and colour to paint at home.

Glazing and Firing

All our items are supplied as unglazed white earthenware and stoneware ceramic blanks (a small range of stoneware items are now available and higher temperatures apply). This is known as ceramic bisque. These items are typically painted with underglaze colours then dipped in a suitable glear glaze. Once glazed items are fired in a kiln to achieve a usable finish. The recommended glaze firing temperature range is 1030˚C to 1060˚C.

For ornamental items fire 998˚C to 1060˚C with a 30 minute soak is adequate. We recommend firing to the tableware temperature for all items.

For tableware items to be used daily fire 1030˚C to 1060˚C with a 50 minute soak is recommended. Improved craze and chip resistance.

If you have to fire tableware under 1030˚C we recommend the OPUS CW320 clear tableware glaze. 

The small top loading kilns fire very quickly. All kilns vary, to be safe set the kiln controller firing to a reasonable temperature to ensure you reach maturity throughout the entire kiln. Test your kiln with Bullers Rings found under Firing Accessories in the menu above - Target is minimum number 18. Return fired rings to Bisque Direct for measuring. Recommended glaze OPUS CW320 - works well with OPUS Pinks and purples at up to 1080 DegC.

Loading your kiln please check the following:

- Bottom kiln shelf should be raised up at least 1cm from the base of the kiln.
- Avoid flat items on the bottom shelf, these are likely to be under fired.
- Finish the loading with a kiln shelf above the top items to ensure they reach full temperature.
- Soak / Hold the top temperature for at least 30 minutes to achieve and even heat throughout the kiln.

Finished work producers who require the best possible utility ware can test fire up to 1080˚C or higher with a 50 minute soak. Keep in mind every kiln fires slightly differently. Here at Bisque Direct we have two main kilns. One we set at 1040˚C - 50 minute and the other at 1070˚C - 50 minute to achieve the same heat work, measured using a Bullers Ring. 

Kind regards

Scott, Mireta and Abby.